Aliza Aufrichtig

I work at the intersections of data, design, code, and writing.

Currently, I make data visualizations and apps at Spotify. Before that, I created bespoke and bizarre news pieces with the Guardian US interactive team. Longer ago, I led product development for an educational rap website, taught high school English in San Francisco, and wrote for a France travel guide.

Recently, I've made dots dance, solicited 22,002 drawings of vulvas, and (unofficially) redesigned the USPS delivery slip.

Highlights from recent work

You Are What You Stream | Spotify

I created this visualization as a backdrop for Spotify's talk at Cannes Lions 2017. The project animates the musical listening history of Dita Von Teese, suggesting that her streaming habits offer a window into her personality.

🏆Shortlisted for an Information is Beautiful Award.

Coördinator | Spotify

A visualization tool I created to compose Dita Von Teese's face out of 7,532 dots for the above presentation. Coördinator allows you to turn an SVG into XY coordinates. I recently open-sourced it at Spotify. Read more about the project, and contribute!

I Want To Ride An Electric Citi Bike

Citi Bike, the New York City bike share, introduced a few electric bikes into its fleet. But I couldn't find any. So I built a small web app to make it easier to snag one. It worked!

Want to fix gun violence in America? Go Local. | The Guardian US

I conducted a geographic analysis of gun violence and census data that highlighted the shocking concentration of gun violence in the United States. I led the investigation based on my data analysis and created the interactive graphics.

🏆Won a silver medal at Malofiej26 and a bronze at the Information is Beautiful Awards.

The Great Wall of Vulvas | The Guardian US

Created as an interactive element of the series The Vagina Dispatches, this project invited readers to submit drawings of vulvas. We received 22,002 vulvas (and also 103 Volvos).

🏆The interactive won 'Equality and Woman's Promotion Best Graphics Award' at Malofiej25 and the series as a whole was nominated for an Emmy.

RioRun | The Guardian US

With the Guardian interactive team, I created a virtual audio tour running app for the 2016 Rio Olympics. I pitched the concept for the app, designed the UX and worked on the geolocation technology.

2016 Election Tracker | The Guardian US

My contribution was natural language generation for algorithmically created news alerts based on streaming AP data throughout the night. I also algorithmically generated thousands of paragraphs highlighting interesting facts for each county and district in the country.

Split Happens | The Guardian US

An investigation into 4-4 decisions on the Supreme Court, using case data going back to 1946. Analysis here.

Hyperventilating charts | The Guardian US

Even the line charts were anxious 3 days before the 2016 election. But they had no idea what was coming.

Renter Be Aware

A Chrome browser extension that showed 311 complaint history against an address while looking for an apartment in NYC. Sadly, it broke at some point in the last year and I haven't gotten around to fixing it.

USPS delivery slip redesign

On a frustrated whim, I redesigned the USPS delivery slip and wrote a Medium post about it. Two years later, I discovered that they had essentially adopted the design.

Other things you could quickly discover about me on the internet

I used to be in my 20s and live in a cool studio apartment, but then I married the person I made rainbow binary debt bracelets with, so I don't live there anymore, and we no longer use the debt bracelets.

I look like this: